We are a dedicated, although small, team that wants to provide the best information possible to you when you are looking for rhinoplasty. Surgery holds risks so it is vital that anyone considering getting a nose job in Singapore be aware of them and have all the necessary information beforehand.



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Numerous surgical techniques that are utilized for reshaping the nose to improve its appearance or functionality are recognized as Rhinoplasty. If you are not satisfied with the size, symmetry or contours of your nose, rhinoplasty surgery is the only solution. Really, rhinoplasty Singapore is the most well-known cosmetic process amongst both young and old. Nevertheless, prior to you fix an appointment with a surgeon or borrow funds from your mother for the process, you need to have to find out whether its proper for you or not. Below given points will not only support you to gauge whether you are correct candidate for rhinoplasty or not, but also assist you mentally prepare for the surgery.

Rhinoplasty is an elective surgery which means that in most circumstances, men and women have a option no matter whether they want to undergo it or not. But do not forget that like all surgeries, it is a serious matter which needs a very good and skilled surgeon at the helm.
You can start off by gathering as much details about the process as possible. Read articles, watch videos, read testimonials of the patients and then weigh the pros and cons before making the decision.

Look for the appropriate rhinoplasty surgeon. You can ask you’re those buddies or colleagues who have undergone the surgery or far better still search on the net by reading reviews and visiting websites of various surgeons nicely known for rhinoplasty. Also view just before and soon after photos and read testimonials accessible on their web sites.

Fix an appointment with a certified and skilled surgeon and have a candid discussion about what you anticipate from the surgery. Ask all questions that come to your mind about the procedure of preparation of surgery, procedure or recovery. The surgeon will explain every little thing to you and inform you about a realistic outcome along with probable risks and complications.
Discover out the price of the procedure which varies according to the qualification, encounter, and complexity of the process. An alternative of financing is also available but make sure that expense is realistic for you.


Rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic process in Singapore. In fact, it was the second most common cosmetic process in 2015. There are numerous distinct forms that nose surgery can take, which makes the process all the far more complex. As a Singapore rhinoplasty surgeon, I think that in order to accomplish optimal results for each patient, the surgeon need to be skilled in and familiar with the a lot of diverse rhinoplasty strategies.

Closed vs. Open Method

The closed and open strategies define the incision placement for rhinoplasty. To perform a closed rhinoplasty process, the incisions are created on the inside of the nose. When performing an open rhinoplasty, incisions are created inside the nose with an additional incision in the columella between the nostrils. Closed rhinoplasty leaves no visible scarring, but does not present the degree of access of an open process. Even though open rhinoplasty calls for an incision across the columella, the resulting scar is nicely hidden and becomes virtually imperceptible after a couple of weeks to months. Regardless of whether plastic surgeons use the closed or open method will largely depend on the patient’s goals for nose surgery.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

There is no “perfect” nose, so it is important for a rhinoplasty surgeon to take into account the diverse aesthetics inside different cultures as he or she tries to develop improved balance and facial harmony by way of nose surgery.

African American: A frequent characteristic of the African American nose is a low nasal bridge and a wide tip. Typically, an African American patient will seek to have the nose augmented to supply greater balance to the face.

Mediterranean: Most patients with Mediterranean nasal characteristics normally wish to decrease the hump at the bridge of the nose. In several instances I might recommend retaining a slight hump in order to retain ethnic identity while still achieving an enhanced look.

Asian: Oftentimes Asian patients wish to address a low bridge. By augmenting the bridge and improving the tip projection, patients can accomplish a look that is both natural and stunning.

Hispanic: Hispanic noses may possibly be characterized by a wide bridge and an under-projected tip. A lot of Hispanic patients have surgical objectives that are similar to Asian rhinoplasty patients.

With any ethnic rhinoplasty it is important to maintain the patient’s ethnic heritage. Their heritage is part of what makes them exclusive and contributes to their overall beauty therefore, it is often essential not to alter the appearance of the nose too drastically.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Occasionally right after having nose surgery, a patient is not happy with their new appearance. Whether or not this is because their plastic surgeon in Singapore delivered a “nose job” that does not look natural, because they are having breathing issues, or for other factors, revision rhinoplasty can assist boost the nasal appearance so that a person achieves their original objective.

Revision rhinoplasties are typically a lot much more complex than the initial nose surgery due to the adjustments that have already occurred to the regular anatomy of the nose. Scar tissue could be present and the functionality of the nose might have been compromised, adding to the difficulty of the revision process. Depending on the patient’s wants, implants or grafts can be utilized to rebuild the nose. Injectable fillers are also at times an choice for small defects in the nose, although filler remedies will want to be repeated over time to maintain the appearance. The surgery will be dependent on every individual, as there are many distinct reasons why corrective nose surgery may be required.

No matter which techniques are employed, one of the most critical ways to insure gorgeous outcomes is to uncover a surgeon who is skilled at nose surgery and has performed hundreds of rhinoplasty procedures.

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